Report Builder Bug - Custom Field Titles injected into output data

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Report Builder Bug - Custom Field Titles injected into output data

Post by slybty2 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:34 pm


I am hoping that the bug can be fixed that injects the field name into the field data properties.

Relating to "Reports", "Reports", "Report Builder", Select a defined custom field and notice the field name is injected into the data fields.


I have two fields that define where in my house my movies are.

1) Locations:
2) Disc # (Used for DVD Carousels)

In Movienizer, these two fields appear at the bottom of every movie listing (just below pictures of the actors).

However, the problem lies when you go to produce custom reports. (I like a catalog on the coffee table, easier than scrolling through the 1200+ in my collection on a screen).

The Custom Report Problem:

Unlike other columns where ONLY "Data" is output in the columns, these custom field names are incorporated INTO the data properties itself as well.

Thus, I have a column that says "Location:"; however, inside each movie entry, I also get data values: "Location: Shelf" (instead of just the actual data value of: "Shelf").
In my "Disc #" column, I have the same problem with data. Each listing has "Disk #: D-32" instead of the actual data value (which is just "D-32").

Please edit the code of the custom Reports function to remove the field name from the data output properties of each custom field (like the other definitions).

Thanks for your help.

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