Illustrated Movie Catalog: Dune Template

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Illustrated Movie Catalog: Dune Template

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Hi everybody,

i am about to create my own tenplate for a dune player. on this player i am using the glass-revisited template and i want my movie-collection template to look alike.

Changing the look of the movie coverpage seems easy as it is generated from html and css but i have a problem with alphabetic category.

I want to have an extra icon for each letter of the alphabet and no text below. i can specify the text-option in the 'settings.ini' but how can i make movienizer to copy the icons into the catalog directory for my movie collection?

if you i.e. look at the category 'Genres' using a template like Blloody Mary, you see that erver category may have its own icon. i am searching to do the same for category 'Alphabet'.

Thanks for your help!

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