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Plugin for Changing Audio & Subtitle info

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:40 pm
by tyluke
I am wondering if it would be possible to get a plug in to be able to Edit the Audio & Subtitle fields. I manual enter this data and do not collect it form files. Before 5.0 I could add, edit and delete as needed. I really like the new set up and with the conversion some Audio names were moved into the subtitle fields and visa versa so I would like to clean that up.

Thanks for the time and keep up the great work. 5.0 is awesome!

Re: Plugin for Changing Audio & Subtitle info

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:58 am
by Igor
Please note, you've posted into the wrong branch of the forum. This branch is about Musicnizer, the music organizer.
And concerning the audio track info: you can simply rescan all data directly from your media files to get the accurate information. This can be done from the "File" menu.