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Another Newbie Question

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:07 am
by johnny
Several actually.
I have used CATraxx since 2001 so I am familiar with databases. Currently I have the trial version of all three databases so perhaps some of the questions are simply that because of this I can not access the full version until I purchase it, I hope not.
I find it cumbersome to download new additions by album name, such as Anthology-1968-1990 or greatest hits. What other alternatives is there? Doing artists is not helpful if they have a ton of releases.
The preview before selecting has no pictures and no hyperlink to preview before downloading to see if it is correct. Is there something I am missing?
When adding files for a double CD, I have discs separated into disc one and disc two folders. The program adds them separately. Is there a way to merge them into one folder?
When I do a search for a song, the search comes back and shows results in all three databases, is there a way to search in a single database?
I have set my options to download everything. I have tried using all the English sources and yet not all the bio, summary, awards, or even comments are downloaded.
I have downloaded the John Prine double CD Great Days: The John Prine Anthology. Then I attached the files but it didn't separate into disc 1 and 2 is there a way to do this? Just so the album in the database reflect the release because it is a 2 disc collection. Also it just changed the numbers 1- 21 and 1-20. Is there a way to change the numbering to 01, 02 etc as it makes it more visualizing appealing and uniformed? Also three files did not attach and I had to go and manually attach them from the same location and it works just fine. All my files are properly labeled and I use tag&Rename for them all.
Sorry for all the questions, just use to my old database. I don't really want add things manually or correct items that are just fine. There are great features with this database but some very key ones are missing, perhaps it is just me which is why instead of giving up I though I would put it out there to see.
One last question, is there an import for CATraxx and CATvid? I have over 5,000 movies and just over 1000,000 music files. It would be a great help. I did the tutorials and read all the documents, just in case.