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Newbie needs help with Dune HD

Posted: Fri May 29, 2015 3:33 pm
by Nevy P
Hello All !!

I am new to Musicnizer and i have a question regarding Dune HD music catalog export.

I have read on Musicnizer site and also other sites that i can export album/artists information etc to my Dune - how does this function work ? - try as i might i have no success in this area, even though i download the albums and artists information.

The catalog for the Dune works fine apart from this

Any help will appreciated

....also i have noticed a glitch in the Find Audio import section....

To will try to explain to make things simple (or in my case usually more complicated!)

I have a server (with multiple HDD's)

One HDD is devoted entirely to music - the folder structure is a follows:

Main folder called - Music

Then folders named after music genres

Then folders named after the artists

Then folders containing the albums (which are in their own folders)

The problem came about when i was importing music from one genre folder and i discovered it would 'find' the audio but NOT save it to the database

I then imported the album folders separately and it worked until i reached one particular folder and it would not import

I discovered that this album (which i thought was a FLAC was in fact APE) so i converted it to FLAC and all was well

Even though APE is an accepted format (so maybe the encoding was the problem)

So the glitch is Musicnizer failed to save ANY other albums in that batch because one had a problem - surely Musicnizer should have imported and saved ALL the 'good' albums and discarded the 'faulty' one ????

Any help or thoughts on both of the above issues will be appreciated


Nevy P