The Man from Earth (2007)

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The Man from Earth (2007)

Post by Thunder » Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:17 am

I despair at the American intellect, or what passes for it. On Netflix, by page #8 of the reviews, I found 3 that didn't like it because there wasn't any explosions or action and one that wrote an accurate critique that was voted "helpful" 5 out of 18, the rest were glowing reviews as to how "thought provoking", "intelligent", and "interesting" was this movie. I found it both moronic and insulting. Moronic in that the writer possesses the historical and religious intellect of an 8th grader. Insulting to me because the writer presumes that the viewer is too stupid to notice and insulting to others because it devolved into nothing more than a bash of the Christian religion (when did atheism become it's own religion?). If you're going to bash one of the major religions to the exclusion of all others, you could at least educate yourself about that religion beyond the inadequate information you got in a public middle school. I really can't stand this fixation of disrespect towards Christians (and Catholics in particular) of Hollywood writers, its quite immature and telling. Add to it the complete misunderstanding of the purpose and history of ANY religion throughout history, and it just smacks of stupidity.

The premise itself was engaging and I was anticipating a well-timed and argued debate among the "professionals" in this movie. Too bad I've been in some really great intellectual arguments as that experienced made me cringe at what was passing for scientific questioning and thought provoking rebuttals. The only person who made any bit of sense was the psychiatrist, and he was made out to be a bit nuts who no one listened to anyway. The "reveal" at the end was predictable and sad, mostly because it was predictable.

On the good side, it really did feel like a very, very, very overly long Start Trek episode from the 60's. Kudos for the flashback to the brain draining decade. If everyone was in bell-bottom high water black pants, I may have been more forgiving in this review. All the characters were present: The Intellectual (Spock), The Emotional (Nurse What's-her-name-infactuated-with-Spock), The Goofy Smart-mouthed Biologist (Dr. McCoy), The Take Charge Questioner (Kirk), The Guest Red Shirt *SPOILER*(The Shrink) *End of SPOILER*, The Passing Love Interest (Kirk's Passing Love Interest Just to Prove He's Not Gay), The Doubting Pedophile & His Victim (Kahn & Nurse Constance Victim-hood or Sulu/Chekov). And just like in any good, thought-provoking Star Trek episode, it was absolutely engrossing and thought provoking to any 10 year old.

Most people who watch this will fall into one of three categories: those who just LOVE this movie and are ever so moved by it, those who HATE this movie because there aren't enough explosions or blood, and those who dislike this movie because it is poorly written, badly executed, pitifully acted, and resulted in so many eye rolls that their eyeballs hurt after viewing it. If you are a person who has more than a rudimentary understanding and knowledge of history, religion, and psychology (that would be anyone who didn't graduate from a public high school), pass this one up, its really not worth it. If you think Die Hard 1,2, and 3 are the epitome of cinema, you should also pass this up. If you are one of the multitude who feels their brains swell to new heights of intellect when Jordie talks about the Higgs boson wormhole-bridge-to-Sector D or time warps by slingshot, this movie will absolutely blow your mind and you should see it as soon as possible, then make sure you give it a big 5 star thumbs up review about its awesomeness.

*editor's note: in the spirit of full disclosure, I like Star Trek, except the one with the putz from Quantum Leap. I'm just fully aware that it is written by people who, in all probability, barely passed their science classes, called the ones who did nerds, dweebs, and dorks, and stole most of their ideas from real a scientist or historian. So there.

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