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If you get no information about a movie

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 2:13 pm
by Vlad
So, if you get no information about a movie, check the following:
1. Using IMDb script, Movienizer cannot find movies with too short titles (like 'War', for example). You can find a solution here.
2. Maybe you are trying to use a script that is not suitable. Movienizer supports databases in different languages.
3. Some databases are picky about titles. Try using a single word from the title, or, the other way around, try entering the title exactly.
4. Maybe your script version is outdated (if so, you won't be able to download information about any movie, or some information will be missing). Check this topic for updates.
5. If it looks like 4., but the topic contains no updates, please report the problem. You can start a new topic (for example, in the Scripts section), or post your message in an existing one (if a similar theme has been discussed already).