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How to get a license for free

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:59 am
by Vlad
Movienizer is a complex program developed by several programmers, translators, testers, designers etc. Most of these people are professionals, which means that they work for money. That's why Movienizer is also to be paid for.
If for some reason you aren't ready to pay for the program you can get a license for free. You can simply do one of the following:
  • Write a script for a movie site that isn't supported yet.
  • Create an original user interface.
  • Translate the language file into a language that isn't supported by the program yet.
  • Translate a part of the help.
  • Participate in the forum discussions actively: have at least 50 sensible messages (no flood) and help new users by replying to their questions.
  • Write and publish a review of the program in a blog (at least 500 subscribers).
  • Review several movies and publish your reviews on this forum. Please do not publish your reviews anywhere else and do not use existing stuff. Plagiarism will be rewarded with a ban. The number of reviews required to get a license may vary: it would be enough to write a couple of big detailed reviews, or you can write a dozen of very small reviews. A review should express your opinion about the movie and follow some common sense rules (good English etc.).
You can get Movienizer with a discount if you are:
  • Actively participating in other forums and set a userbar with Movienizer as your sign.
  • Moving from another paid movie catalog program (the email with your registration data for the previous program is required).
  • Publish a review of the program in your blog (at least 50 subscribers).
Warning: Please contact us before starting to do anything, otherwise we may refuse to provide a free license or a discount.